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1. Schedule
The league executive or appointee shall be the scheduling committee and shall draw up the schedule for all games all scheduled games are subject to the UPSL Scheduling Policy. Games will be credited as follows: WIN – THREE POINTS

The league executive shall arrange for the appointment of all officials for games and those Appointments shall be final.
The league schedule shall be played in a manner decided by the league executive (FIFA Rules) and if necessary, a play-off game or games will be played if teams are tied in points at the completion of the regular schedule, or alternately, if necessary, between the winners of each part of the schedule should it be played in two parts.
Any club defaulting a game shall be charged with all expenses incurred in preparation for said game and in addition, will be fined $150 this decision is left to the discretion of the league executive.
The league executive will review all clubs’ performance in regards to how they have
Supported the League in the previous year, and if they have abided by the rules of the League, completing all obligations, i.e.: fielding competitive teams for all games, maintaining discipline over players, team officials and supporters, and including financial commitments. based on this, the executive will make its recommendations for entry into the League for the next playing season.
It is the League Executive’s responsibility to continually try to upgrade the United Premier Soccer League, by inviting good quality organizations and teams to compete in the UPSL also to organize exhibition games and to make sure its members strive for excellence on and off the playing field.
All scheduled games will be played in enclosed premises or in open parks, as agreed on, subject to the approval of the UPSL League Directors.

2. Playoffs
League finals will include both Conferences having a quarter final and semi-final and then both conference finalists will play a Championship game.

3. Protests
Each protest must be in writing and must contain the particulars of the grounds on which if is founded. within forty-eight (48) hours of the conclusion of the game, to which it relates, (Sundays and holidays excluded). the mailing date (postmark) will be taken as the limiting date in all cases. no protest made to the league shall be withdrawn except by leave of the league executive.

4. Ineligible Players
Any club/team proven to the satisfaction of the league executive to have played an ineligible player shall automatically forfeit the game concerned, the opposing club shall be awarded the three points and a fine of $100.00 shall be imposed. In the event a losing club is proven to have played an ineligible player, the league executive shall determine the penalty for such infringement, and a fine of $100.00 will be imposed.

5. Clubs
Each club will be allowed to sign a maximum of thirty (30) players to any one team.
All entries in the league must have coaches who have been certified through the California Soccer Association Development Program, or another acceptable State Soccer Association.
Each club shall be registered under the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF)
Each club/team must be affiliated with Cal south and U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) prior to the commencement of any season of play.
No two players on the same team in any given game shall use the same jersey number. any player using the same number shall be considered an ineligible player and the team shall forfeit the game
When a maximum of thirty (30) players have been signed, no additional players maybe signed until an existing player has been given his unconditional release in letter form. there must be a MINIMUM of fourteen (14) players signed.
A player once released may not be resigned by the releasing club for a period of at least five (5) days from the date of his unconditional release.
Any club or member thereof guilty of inducing or attempting to induce a bona fide player of another club in the League to leave his club and join them, without first giving seven (7) days notice by registered mail, to the club with which the player is registered, shall be deemed guilty of misconduct, and shall be liable to expulsion or such other punishment, as the League executive may consider proper in the circumstances.
When club colors conflict: the visiting team must change.
Each club shall be responsible for seeing that every player is properly dressed and equipped, and will be expected to do everything possible to make the game attractive from a spectator’s point of view.
Team lists containing the names and correct numbers of players taking part in a game, shall be properly filled out, in triplicate, on the form provided by the League. The team list must be signed by the club official. The lists are then distributed in the following manner:
The original copy of the team list shall be handed to the referee, with one other copy, Together with identification cards prior to the commencement of the match.
Both teams prior to the commencement of the match will pay referees and Assistant Referees.
Any player selected to play in a representative match or any other match, arranged by the league, and without good and sufficient cause, refuses to comply with the arrangements of this league, to play the match or fails to play in a said match, be adjudged to have been guilty of misconduct. Any club official proven to have encouraged or instructed a player to commit a breach of instruction or rule shall deem guilty of committing an offense.
Each team may dress and include on the team list up to fourteen (14) players and must start eleven (11) players.

6. Game Officials
Referees must send the official lineup sheet, game results and goal Scorers to Erick Lopez/Registrar 809 N Spurgeon St #7 Santa Ana CA 92701

7. UPSL Substitution Rules

All teams will be allowed to substitute up to (7) subs per game. If a player is taken off in the first half, the player cannot enter back onto the field in the same half. If the player is subbed in the second half, that is the end of the match for that player.

8. UPSL Game Schedule / Weekends Only

All UPSL games must be scheduled on weekend only and all games must be played after 1:00 pm unless both teams agree to play earlier.
UPSL Matches will be permitted to play on weekdays but both teams must agree to the day and time otherwise the game must revert to a weekend date.

9. Players
All players in the United Premier Soccer League shall be registered on Cal South Soccer Association, (Registrar)
Player registration forms must be filed with and registered by the United Premier Soccer League registrar, who in turn will forward same to the Cal South Registrar not later than one (1) day after receipt of same.
Players shall be eligible to take part in any League game, the day following the date of registration with the League.
Clubs must declare not more than thirty (30) players for league play and have a minimum of 14 signed players.
Completed transfer forms and the required transfer fees must be filed with and recorded by the league registrar, who in turn, will forward same to the Cal South Registrar, not later than (2) days after receipt of same.
Transferred players shall be eligible to take part in any league game the day following the date of registration with the League.
No lump sum, bonus or inducement to transfer, shall be offered to any player.
An active player shall not be eligible for appointment to the board of directors of the United Premier Soccer League.

10. Initial League Entry Fee and Team Entry Fee
Each new applicant club must pay a one-time non-refundable membership fee of $0.00 to join the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL)
The membership fee must be paid before the end of the current season.

11. League Fees
League fees for the UPSL shall be determined annually by the Board of Directors, clubs will be notified of any fee changes prior to the UPSL AGM.  Returning member clubs must pay League dues are $1500 for 2015 season at or before the AGM, with the balance payable by a date set by the board of directors at the AGM.
League dues, are $1500 for 2015 season, at or before the AGM. And forfeit Bond of $150 is required and returned at the end of the season if your team does not forfeit a game
Clubs that do not enter one in the consecutive seasons will be deemed to have Forfeited UPSL membership.

12. Grounds
Club grounds must conform to the UPSL minimum standards and clubs must be fully conversant with the home club’s responsibilities.
Teams must ensure that no alcoholic beverages are brought into the dressing rooms or onto the parks or stadiums, at any UPSL game.
All new teams must have a home field.

13. League Ranking

During the League season the ranking of teams/clubs shall be determined as follows:
Greater number of points obtained in all matches
Goal difference in all matches
Greater number of goals scored in all matches
If two or more teams are equal on the basis of the above three criteria, their place shall be determined as follows
Greater number of points obtained in the matches between the teams concerned
Goal difference resulting from the matches between the teams concerned
Greater number of goals scored in the matches between the teams concerned
A play-off on neutral ground

14. Annual General Meeting
At least one representative from each club is required to attend the United Premier Soccer League AGM. Clubs unable to attend are required to notify the League prior to the AGM.



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