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The Oregon Soccer League is based in Oregon and was founded in 2011.The The Oregon Soccer League represents the community’s commitment to achieve the highest semi-professional level of soccer. The Oregon Soccer League lives and survives by giving individuals the opportunity to participate, improve, and experience a unique environment of semiprofessional competition. In addition, we want to raise the standards of soccer, meeting the competition and discipline, at the professional level. Our objective is to help improve communities’ one community at a time; therefore everyone can live and enjoy the growing future of the sport in our nation. The Oregon Soccer League is for our communities, providing affordable entertainment, while helping achieve an atmosphere of unity and strength. To provide young athletes with an environment in which they can train consistently and with intensity to advance both mentally and physically in their athletic careers.



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final torneo de verano 2022 final torneo de verano 2002
Final torneo de invierno 2022 Final torneo de invierno 2022
Banquete 2018 Banquete 2018
liguilla Liguilla Segunda Division
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 El Paraiso Restaurant


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